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Business Letter Punch® (Copy)


<--! Self-paced writing improvement software that helps students build written communication skills to advance their careers.

  • The program contains 13 guided writing topics and 780
    help prompts to guide students through each step in the
    writing process.
  • Contextual help and feedback engage students of all ages.
  • Students choose from a menu of reward animations and sounds.
  • Instructors may view student writing, in real-time, with an easy-to-use tracking tool.

Designed for students in grades 9 through 11 (ages 13 and up), the software can also be used by English language
learners and adult students.

“Unless you have a personal instructor in front of you, I can’t think of a better way to teach writing a letter than this program.”
– San Jacinto Community College North, Houston, TX


Single-user / 3, 6, 9, or 12 months access / No automatic rebilling / Renew to resume and continue / Work is not lost after 3-months

Results Guaranteed in 30 Days or Your Money Back



Business Letter Punch, Skill Levels 9 to 11

  • Self-paced and self-advancing; moves students ahead as they demonstrate readiness.
  • Pupils receive immediate, personal help throughout.
  • Teachers can monitor pupils’ progress and time-on-task through an easy-to-use online portfolio.

Students will…

  • Use pre-writing strategies for different writing tasks.
  • Write clear descriptive sentences.
  • Focus writing on a central idea or topic.
  • Use supporting ideas, detail, and facts to develop and elaborate on a topic.
  • Proofread to correct conventional errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.

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