Does Digital Reading Hurt Reading Comprehension?

Schoolgirl Using Computer At DeskReading online may be causing people to skim rather than read in depth according to one expert.

With the vast amount of information that comes in onto people’s computers and mobile devices, reading online is causing people to skim rather than read in depth in order to keep up.

Online reading is not necessarily superficial. Merit Software’s online products are in-depth interactive learning tools. In Merit’s Reading Comprehension Booster, for example, online context clues and multiple activities reinforce learning.

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Merit upgrades to new servers

Merit Software is pleased to announce that it recently completed server upgrades to its Merit Online Learning platform.

The upgrades have moved Merit Online to a new cloud-hosting platform on which the software runs at least three times faster than before. Many issues that had affected students’ ability to use the programs were also addressed and fixed.

As Merit Online attracts more users, the company wants to expand its infrastructure capabilities. By upgrading the servers, the company has taken steps toward meeting the needs of students, who use the software in a variety of educational settings.

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