Improving Employability and Academic Skills How Merit Can Help

A recent survey of Kentucky Chamber of Commerce members bemoans the lack of “soft skills” or employability skills among prospective employees. In fact, 27% of employers surveyed report a need for improvement of these skills. Such skills include communication, teamwork, motivation, and the like.

Among the reasons students struggle in college and later in the workplace are lack of motivation or persistence and inadequate preparation, say the authors of a new report from

Merit’s personalized learning software has built-in scaffolds and supports. The programs motivate students while they work. This enhances both academic and employability skills.

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Funding Opportunity for U.S. Non-Profits

Last week, a leading U.S. foundation announced its intention to fund promising programs to improve career opportunities for teens and adults.

A deployment of Merit literacy software appears to fit within the foundation’s criteria.

The deadline to apply is August 9th. Applicants may apply for amounts between $25,000 and $250,000 for one year.

Interested parties should contact Merit for additional information.

What Is "Career Ready"?

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) released a paper earlier this month, ?What Is Career Ready?? The paper was created to broaden the discussion around the term “career readiness.” Read More