Merit Views and Opinions Regarding Education and Technology

Does Digital Reading Hurt Reading Comprehension?

Reading online may be causing people to skim rather than read in depth according to one expert. With the vast amount of information that comes in onto people’s computers and mobile devices, reading online is causing people to skim rather than read in depth in order to keep up. Online reading is not necessarily superficial.… Read More »

Increasing College Opportunity for Low-Income Students

Academic achievement by 8th grade is the largest predictor of college success according to the recent White House report “Increasing College Opportunity for Low-Income Students.” Merit has a strong track record of improving academic performance in elementary and middle school. The programs also help older students who have not mastered 8th level skills get on-track. In… Read More »

New Research Says Grades, Not SATs, Predict College Success

A recent study involving 33 private colleges and universities and the records of 123,000  students and alumni indicates that students who have low or modest SAT-type test scores but good high school grades do better in college than those with good scores but modest grades. Merit products are known for improving academic performance in schools.… Read More »

Merit upgrades to new servers

Merit Software is pleased to announce that it recently completed server upgrades to its Merit Online Learning platform. The upgrades have moved Merit Online to a new cloud-hosting platform on which the software runs at least three times faster than before. Many issues that had affected students’ ability to use the programs were also addressed… Read More »

Thank You for Your Votes

We are pleased to report Merit made the 250-vote eligibility threshold for the Chase Mission Main Street grant.

Simple Truths about the Common Core

The transition to the Common Core has been controversial and poorly handled, particularly when it comes to teacher evaluations and new standardized tests. However, the harsh reality is that reading scores in the U.S. have not improved in 20 years.

College Readiness Concerns

Concerns about the ability of today’s  U.S. high school graduates to fill skilled jobs and compete in the global marketplace have been raised again due to the 2013 results on the country’s most widely used college entrance exams.

New Research Points to Benefits of Reading on Digital Devices

Even as e-readers are growing in popularity as convenient alternatives to paper books, it is becoming more and more apparent that convenience is not their only benefit.

Capable Resources for English and the Common Core

“Finding adequate Common Core resources is the main challenge looming over states’ efforts to prepare districts, schools, principals and teachers,” says Diane Stark Rentner, deputy director of national programs for the Center for Educational Progress.

How to Improve Teenage Reading Scores

Reading scores for 17 teen year olds have not improved since the 1970’s according to the NAEP (Nation’s Assessment of Educational Progress) released last month. Scores have improved for 9 and 13 year olds, but the gains have been small.