Merit Views and Opinions Regarding Education and Technology

Why Standardized Testing Advocates Are Wrong

Use of digital, adaptive learning programs such as those produced by Merit reduce the need for annual standardized testing in core subjects, particularly English Language Arts, in U.S. public schools. The programs’ built-in tracking and feedback provide useful formative assessments for teachers, parents, and administrators. It is easy to compare the results of users of… Read More »

New Enhancements to Punch Writing Programs

Merit is pleased to announce new enhancements to its Punch process writing programs including Paragraph Punch, Open Punch, and Essay Punch. Students who have completed a written work may now edit it by logging into their Online Portfolios. The Post Published Editing tool allows users to see the current state of their work, review past… Read More »

It’s Time to Level the Playing Field So More Students Can Compete Academically

While students respond positively to teachers who set high academic expectations, teachers often fail to set these expectations for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A report from the Center for American Progress entitled “The Power of the Pygmalion Effect” indicates that teacher expectations strongly predict college completion. Data suggest that more needs to be done to… Read More »

The High Price of Colleges’ Failures

Recent college graduates who are struggling to start careers are being hurt by their lack of learning, according to Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa, authors of the groundbreaking book, “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses.” In the original study, the authors had a sample of four-year undergraduates take the Collegiate Learning Assessment during their… Read More »

Merit’s New UI Changes

Merit is pleased to announce the recent rollout of several user interface changes to its online learning platform. Among the changes are: a flexible design, based on the dimensions of the users screen display; larger font sizes; and crisper, clearer buttons. The new look may be seen by trying any full-working demo from a Merit… Read More »

How to Capitalize on the New SAT

In 2016, the SAT exams will be modified from their present longstanding format. Because of these changes, conventional test preparation will be less valuable to test takers. Relevant words, the meanings of which depend on how they are used in context, will be emphasized, and fewer, if any, obscure vocabulary words will be included. In… Read More »

Does Digital Reading Hurt Reading Comprehension?

Reading online may be causing people to skim rather than read in depth according to one expert. With the vast amount of information that comes in onto people’s computers and mobile devices, reading online is causing people to skim rather than read in depth in order to keep up. Online reading is not necessarily superficial.… Read More »

Increasing College Opportunity for Low-Income Students

Academic achievement by 8th grade is the largest predictor of college success according to the recent White House report “Increasing College Opportunity for Low-Income Students.” Merit has a strong track record of improving academic performance in elementary and middle school. The programs also help older students who have not mastered 8th level skills get on-track. In… Read More »

New Research Says Grades, Not SATs, Predict College Success

A recent study involving 33 private colleges and universities and the records of 123,000  students and alumni indicates that students who have low or modest SAT-type test scores but good high school grades do better in college than those with good scores but modest grades. Merit products are known for improving academic performance in schools.… Read More »

Merit upgrades to new servers

Merit Software is pleased to announce that it recently completed server upgrades to its Merit Online Learning platform. The upgrades have moved Merit Online to a new cloud-hosting platform on which the software runs at least three times faster than before. Many issues that had affected students’ ability to use the programs were also addressed… Read More »