The new U.S. economic stimulus package places a strong emphasis on special education. We have seen a lot of commentary from writers wondering why special education is slated to receive generous amounts of funding.

Robin Hansen, a special needs parent and an advisor to the San Francisco Unified School District, has a valuable perspective on special education worth reading.

Robin writes that as a “special ed” mom she has learned that very few people really understand special ed kids.

“There are all kinds of stereotypes out there. I want to put a human face on special ed children (and families) so we ALL understand why we all need to care NOW.””

“The average special education child has a normal to high intelligence and has the potential of going to college and being a fully functioning, economically self-sufficient adult. These children just need additional supports to meet that goal.”

Research by the Alliance for Excellence in Education has documented the high costs associated with high school dropouts.

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