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Paragraph Punch® Sustains Remote Student Learning During Covid-19

More than 70% of special needs students engaged when Paragraph Punch was used to teach writing skills online More than seventy percent of students in a Minnesota high school’s special needs English class were engaged by remote learning when using Paragraph Punch online during Covid-19. Paragraph Punch is a well-established ed-tech program that guides students through… Read More »

How a Working Mother Uses Ed Tech to Augment at Home Learning During Covid-19

I’ve been using online learning for my children even before Covid-19 happened. So, during social distancing/home-based learning period, it was not difficult for us to leverage on ed tech to enable learning even more, particularly when schools closed, and children had to study from home. We use different online products for different subjects. Ed tech helps… Read More »

Covid-19 Support – Free and Discounted Access to Merit Online Learning Activities

As schools are experiencing unplanned interruptions due to COVID-19, long-time ed-tech provider Merit Software is offering free and discounted access to all Merit Online learning activities. Merit is known for providing online skill-building resources for reading comprehension, writing, and grammar combined with built-in scoring and instructional feedback. Great for English language learners, at-risk pupils, and… Read More »

Merit Launches New, Affordable Online College English Support Tool

‘Grammar Rules and Review’ Provides Supplemental College English Instruction With Built-in Tracking, Recyclable Seats, and No Access Codes New York, NY (April 16, 2020) – Long time ed-tech company Merit Software introduced an innovative online learning tool for higher education institutions this week, ‘Grammar Rules and Review.’ The interactive, web-based English grammar guide offers an… Read More »

Large Increase In Student Achievement With Merit Software, Study Says

A study conducted by researchers at Marshall University concludes that Merit’s reading and writing intervention increases student achievement for randomly assigned groups who used the software. The Merit intervention was found to have an unusually large effect on students — the magnitude of which has rarely been found in other educational research studies. The study,… Read More »

Is Being Able to Speak English Enough?

In recent years employers are giving preference to employees with not just strong English speaking and listening skills, but also strong English writing skills.

2017 Essay Writing Contest Winner

A Memorable Experience Life is always filled with tragedies. Someone close to you will pass away leaving behind memories that you will always remember. These can be family members or friends. For me, my first tragedy that has had an affect was the time when a class mate passed away. Every tragedy has specific details… Read More »

Merit Software Review – Grammar Fitness

I am a grade 6, 7 and 8 middle school English language arts teacher at Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle School.  My co-teacher and I have purchased Grammar Fitness Levels 3 and 4 for the past 3 years.  We have found it to be an excellent tool for increasing achievement in mechanics. The students love using the… Read More »

Accuplacer Prep Recommendations

Accuplacer practice materials from Merit have a strong track record of success. Tests covered include: Accuplacer Sentence Skils, Accuplacer Essay Writing, and Accuplacer Reading Comprehension

Three Reasons Your Use of Ed-Tech May Have Failed … and How to Fix It!

There are many factors that go into the successful implementation of an educational software product, according to a recently published study.  The study’s authors looked at the impact of state-of- the-art technology tools used in higher education classes. They focused on the following issues: 1) Strategy. It is important to note that educators use the… Read More »