Grammar Rules and Review

An interactive English grammar guide with FREE built-in tracking and progress monitoring

Product Description

What Does Grammar Rules and Review Do?

Provides students with 62 sets of targeted grammar exercises covering 10 essential English grammar skills.

May be used as a teaching tool, reference guide, supplement, or co-requisite.

Explanations for answers, whether responses are right or wrong.

Scores and progress are automatically tracked in an Online Portfolio.

Designed for learners age 14 and up in secondary schools and higher education institutions, the software can also be used by advanced English language learners, learning disabled pupils, and remedial readers.

Inspires Enthusiasm

A structured and supportive environment that lets all learners experience success.

Enhances Interaction

Instructors can quickly discover individual areas of concern and be able do something about them.

Streamlines Learning

Built-in explanations and immediate feedback help students overcome obstacles while they work.

Automatic Tracking

Teachers can monitor pupil progress and work through an easy-to-use management.

Concepts Covered

Designed for English language learners and older students, as well as pupils in upper elementary and secondary grades.

Self-paced and self-advancing; moves students ahead as they demonstrate readiness.

Pupils receive immediate, personal help throughout.

Teachers can monitor pupils’ progress and time-on-task through an easy-to-use online portfolio.

Provides 62 sets of exercises on 10 grammar topics.

U.S. grade equivalent levels 9 through adult and advanced level English language learners 



Issues addressed:

  • Run-on sentences
  • Fused sentences
  • Fragments
  • Commas
  • Misplaced and dangling modifiers
  • Irregular verbs
  • Apostrophes
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Parallel structure

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